Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got Some New Plants

Today I went to the new Lowe's in the city of Murphy. I found this Lowe's to be a lot nicer and had better plant prices than the one in Garland near George Bush Tollway. The Lowe's in Murphy had some many plants on sale and they were great prices. The prices ranged for 50 cents to 7 bucks.

I picket several different types of salivas, lantana, and Dwarf Banana Tree. I will have more info on the banana tree.

I then took the Salivas and Flame Acanthus that I potted in large nursery and placed them under my hanging strawberry patch. Before placing these pots around the posts. I installed some old news paper down to keep the grass from coming up around the pot. I then put wood mulch down. Its mostly composted, so I will have to get some fresher mulch next week.

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