Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My first attempt at gardening

Just last July my wife and I moved into our first house, or rent house I should say. My loving wife let me spend a lot of money on starting our first garden! I have a lot of great pictures of our new garden.

- Warning, I am just a beginning gardener and when I started I made a lot mistakes that I have learned not to do this year. Another problem I have fixing the mistakes the original owners did to the landscape and the property. -

A little background on my sorta green thumb. I started growing roses about 10 years ago. What I should say is I planted 3 roses in my parents backyard and just left them. I did not listen to rules for these little guys. I planted them in a backyard in good soil but not enough sun. In the spring the plants were pretty and had lots of flowers. As the summer came and the trees above filled out and kept most of the bed in shade the plants just start stretching for the sun. If you want to know about the current status of those roses are, as of last season they were still producing flowers and I plan to transplant the flowers next year, if I remember to do that.

Before and after my wife and I were married I kept about 6 Roses and several flowering plants on her apartment porch. I have several pictures of the plants in bloom. My plants did great and I actually care for these little guys. Because of that success I had at the apartment we started looking for a house to buy/rent with potential.

When we moved into our new place, I bought several more roses, and started taking cuttings of different plants, and buying plants for indoor uses or outdoor uses through out the year.

Currently our screened in porch has been covered in clear shower liners and we have a lot plants we are overwintering plants that I did not want to loose because of the cold weather. Our makeshift green house stays anywhere from 20 degrees to 40 degrees above the outside temperature. Of course during those long cold winter nights I had a small shop heater running.

This spring, we will be starting our organic contain garden and vertical garden. We have somewhere around 150 plus plants that are germinating in my homemade seed closest.

I will be posting my garden efforts with pictures to go a long with them. Please fill free to comment and help me with doing a better job with my garden.

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