Monday, June 16, 2008

It was to hot this past weekend

originally suppose to be posted Sunday May, 16 2008. Internet went down during the posting process.

This weekend was not very productive. Friday night I got sick with what I thought was strep throat. I got up at 8AM to start my yard work and felt like crap. I was weak and very sore. By 2 PM I was up and moving around. My sore throat was gone but I was still very tired.

I went out to get the wife's oil changed and went to Lowe's to check on their clearance items. I found a 3 gallon Purple Butterfly Bush and another saliva to add to my collection, 3 Quanalt ever bearing Strawberry plants. I also purchased and built another plant stand out of 2 X 6s and Cinder Blocks. This will house more small pots and cuttings that have taken root and are ready for some sun.

On Sunday, I started relapsing so I could only stay outside for about an hour before the heat hit me. Its now so hot outside, I can only work in the mornings until about 10 AM and then go back out about 6 and work till dark.

Tomorrow I am going to take it easy and hope I don't come down with something that will put me out of work for a few days.

New herb garden and seedling garden

Strawberry patch. Project not completed. Eventually the bamboo will wrap around the iron post and the pin mandevilla will eventually wrap around the posts .

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