Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Transplanted My Confederate Rose

Last fall my grandmother gave me some of her Confederate Rose 'Hibiscus Mutabilis' cuttings. I have been propagating these pretty plant for about 5 years. I usually root them and give them out to friends and family. This is the first time I have lived in a place that is big enough and had enough sunlight grow these guys. These plants were almost everywhere in the south, but now I almost never see them. I would love to see these plants make a come back.

Cutting taken last fall. As you can see there is just a little growth on the stock. Usually at this time its full of roots. I guess, the cutting is to long.

Fully rooting cutting with green growth. Planted June 17, 2008

If anyone knows where I can find seeds/cuttings, I am looking to start a collection of the Confederate Rose. Please let me know. I will trade cuttings of this pink bush, next fall/winter when I get more from the original.


  1. I looked up on Dave's Garden of what this plant looked like... I never heard of it probably because it isn't hardy here in zone 5.. but oh it is very pretty. I have plant envy :)

  2. These plants can be grown in zone 5. Its gets to cold here in the winter. After first frost It dies back to the ground. I cut it off just about the ground and mulch it w/ pin needles when I have them or pine bark and leaves.

    But you live a little far north for that. If you keep it in a large pot 20 + inches and bring in after first lite frost. Some people kept theirs in a basement w/ a CFL daylight bulb and the plant just goes dormant and comes back from the roots next season. I will post more info on these guys when I have time to research them. -Element

  3. Great! thanks for the info!!

  4. Hi, i live in Northwest Florida and have Confederate Rose's and so do many neighbors. I actually recieved a cutting from a neighbor as my first plant. Contact me and I will be glad to send you cuttings. I have around 15, but will be giving some to a friend who owns a nursery.