Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blogger Editor is getting on my nerves

Either in compose mode or editor mode I can not get my layout for my next post the way I want it. I can not control the way the pictures go on the screen. I spent 45 minutes trying to move pictures around and got no where.

Anyone have a better way to create blog posting with multiple pictures and still look good. I normally use Dreamweaver to design my webpages. - Thanks Element


  1. I have fought with the blogger template for many many hours. I just discovered that Wordpress offers free bogs, (I thought you had to host your own webpage) and they have a way to import directly from Blogger to Wordpress. I don't know what dreamweaver is, but I normally use photobucket to generate the image code, not the blogger uploader, than I paste it into the HTML editor. I also widened the entire blogger template, by making the main wrapper 610px) and shrinking the side wrapper. It took awhile of adjusting the pixels until they fit exactly, but now my pictures fit without getting chopped off. This may have been no help at all, but good luck!