Sunday, September 21, 2008

Worked On New Flower Bed This Weekend!

Last April I bought a flat of Lantanna and never found a place to plant it. This weekend I finally found a place. I planted in a spot that gets sun most of the day but shaded from 4 PM till dusk. The plants are in bad shape but they should recover. Hopefully the will make it through this winter. If do not, I can get some more.

First I dug out the grass and weeds from the area. Then dug out about 3 inches and added six inches of top soil, landscaper's mix, compost, cotton burr compost, blood meal, bone meal, and lots of donkey manure. And topped with city mulch.

Of course this part of the bed is not completed. I ran out of mulch. Next weekend I will load of the blazer with a large load of mulch. Once completed I will show the completed project with yard clean and the bed finished. Next season I plan to plant 3 to 5 Turks Caps and followed by some columbine (maybe) or something a butterfly attracting plant that take partial shade. And on the side next the porch it gets sun most of the day. I will plant Red Saliva and Lady in Pink Saliva.  With large vine with red or yellow flowers growing up it.

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