Saturday, September 6, 2008

Propagation Station and Over Wintering Project

Last year, before our cold winter started I took my screened in porch and lined it with clear well almost clear plastic shower currents and clear plastic drop cloths. I then setup a plastic folding table for seed trays and lined up cheap work shop lamp fixtures w/ full spectrum and grow lux sunshine bulbs. As my tropical plant collection grew I setup some cfl spot lights and lined my porch w/ them. As you can see some of the tropicals bloomed through out the winter. When the weather dropped below 35 degrees I setup a space heater and ran it on off most of the night and early morning hours. This kept the temps in about the 50s and when the temps dropped into the 20s the temps on the porch stayed around the mid 40s until mid day. This worked very well, this year I plan to line the porch with a thicker liner and run some more lights. Hopefully this year I will still have room to use my porch furniture.

The last few pictures are of my seed closet. I took and old closet in my garage and ran some cfl light fixtures on each shelf and lined aluminums foil. These shelves will hold 2 72 Bio seed starting trays. Sometime this winter I will replace the foil with mylar and run some ventilation in the cabinet. Right now my grow closet will reach the high 90s in the winter and as them gets warmer the temperature in the closest grows as well.

I will post a walk through sometime in the near future on this project.

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