Thursday, June 25, 2009

Veggie Garden Plot Phase 1

Over the last few months, I have been working on several new flower beds. One of those flower beds was originally setup for in ground plantings for Tomatoes and Peppers. But due the heat and other factors I lost most of the seedlings. So this year we purchased our veggies from several different places and planted in three and five gallon buckets. Because of the heat some of the younger tomatoes are not doing so well. A couple of them were hidden and did not get water for a couple of days. But they will come back and should produce some tomatoes in a few months.

This bed is a 20ft x 8ft bed. Half this bed is setup for in ground close proximity plantings and the other is setup for five to eight gallon container veggie gardening. The container section can be converted to in ground planting if we decide we want to commit to a veggie plot.

As for the soil conditioning, I mixed in homemade compost, worm compost, donkey manure, leaf mulch and landscaping mix.Then weed screen was layed across the entire bed followed by hardwood mulch.

Phase 1 Almost complete - Need to organize and tie everything up
Tomato Pot - That brown stick is a blackberry cane I haven't gotten around to removing.
Candy Striped Tomatoes - Can't wait till theire ready to eat!


  1. Your tomatoes look fine.... am sure a good salad awaiting ... Cheers, ~ Bangchik

  2. Way to go !!
    Looks like you have a nice size bed...can't beat home grown veggies.

  3. What patience you have to mix all of that planting material! It seems you've done a terrific job. I bet they will taste wonderful!

  4. It is always good to plant our own vege ...