Saturday, July 26, 2008

Created Another New Bed Today

For the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out what was eating my garlic bulbs. Last night I caught the thief. It was my little lazy garden helper! She such a traitor. I found her with a face full of mud and doggie breath that smelt of garlic!

So to fix that I went to the local big box store and bought 6 cinder blocks and set them under my garlic pots. This will put the post just high enough that she can't jump up and get to them. If she does the pots will fall over and she will get caught in the act and I can train her not to go over there.

Before starting my project I tied back the Oleander. Its taking over the whole area. But that project is for another post. Sorry guys!

When I went out work on the yard, I noticed that it was time to move all the plants and cut the high grass down. I really HATE this. Moving a hundred plus plants around in 95+ degree weather sucks! So at 8:45 PM, just after dark, I decided to setup some lights and turn this area in a bed with hardwood mulch from the city green project. First I laid down newspaper and then threw over a hundred gallons of hardwood mulch over the newspaper. Once that was completed I then sprayed down the bed with an insecticide to kill any bugs that got into my mulch from the compost area. When I hit the big box store tomorrow I will get another large bottle and spray again.

I had plenty of light for light duty work. I setup 2 shop trouble lights and a clamp on Desk lamp to light up my work area. Tomorrow if I have the time I may setup some more yard lighting. I have a couple of Christmas lawn decoration spot lights that will work great to light up the dark spots in the yard so I can work past dusk when it is cooler.

After getting my area of mulch down, I placed 6 cinder blocks down and put 3 pots down on top of them. I think once I get the Oleander tied back I will put some stepping stones where the pots are and push the garlic back a few feet and add some plantings around the pots to high those ugly blocks. Maybe some lantana or something that trails.

Once I get the bed finished and I have more mulch I think I will pull my herb garden up and complete the project under there as well. Eventually this bed will rap around the entire Oleander bed and remove most of the grass in that area.

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