Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on my Veggies and the garden

Its been about a week since I last posted. Its been so hot outside, I haven't done much. Right now I am in the middle of prepping a 10 x 10 shaded bed. So far I have ammended the soil with, top soil, donkey manure, composted mushrooms, landscaping mix, and humus. Before I started that bed was rock hard. I took me hours to get the bed ready for planting. It still needs a little more tilling but right now its in good shape and I will be adding new plants shortly.

Right now the bed currently has some English Ivy that is has some starts in it and ground cover that produces little purple flowers. It starting to take up a large part of the bed. I may pull that up once I get the bed established. I planted Ajuga that I received from a gardening friend in Copper Canyon and some coleus that I never got around to planting earlier this year. I eventually want to fill the bed w/ some ferns.

I did lay a soaker hose down. It took several hours to get it right. I do have several spots that stay dry but, that will be that way until I can raise and level the bed. But thats a different story.

On Sunday I mixed of some compost mix and added to my veggies. This mix has 3 parts donkey manure, 2 parts mushroom compost 1 part peat moss, 1 part landscaping mix, I then added several large hand fulls of bone meal, blood meal, and alfalfa meal and mixed it up. Took that mix and added to my winter squash, sweet potatoes, cuccumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes, and peppers. I added this mix to around the plants and worked it into the top layer and covering all surfacees for each pot. I then watered each pot. Today I checked on the plants and they are greener and look healthier. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my plants.

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  1. Take my word for it, get that English Ivy out of there. It will take OVER the bed and choke out anything else you try to plant in there. Believe me, I know. Most of the east side of my house is planted in this stuff and it is threatening to swallow the whole house.