Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tulum Mexico

Last year, my wife I honeymooned in Tulum Mexico. We stayed at the El Dorado Seaside on the Riviera Maya Mexico. If you ever spend time in mexico near Playa Del Carmin, Check out El Dorado. They have great food, great staff, great view, and great hotel.

The view from our porch .

On the beach near our room

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  1. I'm jealous! What a beautiful view!

  2. umm.. Just notice blogger did not post the correct pictures I requested. Will have to correct. Tonight I will correct this.

  3. How gorgeous!! How did you two ever force yourselves to go home?

  4. its really pretty, but maybe u 2 could have gone to paris instead of mexico, because depending on where you live, mexico's average, and close seeming. its still a beautiful view regardless, and we would have been lucky to see those beaches, and the famous El Dorado.

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