Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally got my seed trays finished and ready to plant

I finally had time to plant out my seed trays. Over the Christmas break I bought 2 72 cell Jiffy biodome seed trays. I setup my first in early March and finally got around to planting them out. My first experience didn't go so well as you can tell. But I did get 6 tomotoes and bunch of herbs.

As you can see I lost most of them....

The potted up herbs. I can not remember them all right now, but I will give updates later on.

Part of my little herb garden.

And now my second attempt, I only lost 5 or 6 cells. The most important ones were the hot pepper mix and the Tomatoes that are doing great.

These guys are sitting under the trees in deep shade harding off.These guys turned out very well.

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  1. It's all really trial and error, and even the people who know what they're doing fail sometimes. I have to replant often. Usually I forget to water seedlings ooops!