Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spent the weekend at Lake Palenstine, TX

Just got back into town. Last weekend, my wife and I celebrated our first anniversary! We spent the weekend out a little B&B with a view of Lake Palenstine TX. The place was great. great food, great view and within 20 minutes from almost everywhere we wanted to visit.

Saturday we got in the morning to watch the sunrise and eat breakfast on the lake. We then spent the rest of the day visiting all of the Wineries in the area.

On Sunday we spent the day at the Tyler Rose Gardens. The gardens were beautiful. The museum was closed for the day and most of the roses were spent. We are planning to go back during the rose festival in October when all the flowers are in bloom. Once we finished up there we went out and visited some of the rose nurseries and some of the other local nurseries.

We ended up bringing back a clearanced out rose for $2, Pink Mandevilla, cherry tree, peach tree and a Japanese Maple all for less than 45 bucks.

I will post up some of the pictures of our adventures once I have the time and I get over the alergy attack that just started up when I started this post.

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