Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Opens!

I spent the last couple of days cleaning up from last Sunday. But I did have time to take some pictures of my latest openings!

Climbing rose thats starts out with a light orange color and turns a dark reddish orange color. I have no idea of what type of climber this is but, it does grow fast! Less than 2 months ago it was half this size!
Both of my Clematis' opened this week. If anyone has any other colors or type II or III up for trade or gifting, please let me know. I am always on the look out for other types.

Purple Coneflower just opened! I have a bunch of seeds up for grabs. I will be planting some as season goes on. At the end of season, I will have many types of seeds up for trade!

Not a plant opening but its still an opening. My brother came into town. We cranked up the grills for some burgers and stakes. As from the picture we didn't forget the beers either.


  1. Wonderful looking roses I love their great color. Your clematis is looking great. Mine isn't fairing so well and is still so very tiny. I'm not sure it will make it.

  2. Your rose is beautiful! I love roses and have started a little rose garden myself, it's still young but I can't wait to see some blooms this year. Your clematis is so pretty too!

  3. Love your pictures!! The rose in question could be a Josephs Coat Rose. They just bloom and bloom. I have one too(-: I love how they have the different colors all on one plant. Its very unique and fun to have blooming in the garden(-:

  4. Thats a "real" movie...i wonder how it will be when your job be well done.Don´t worry ...be patient.
    May i sugest? Also use local flowers and native plants.