Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Today I cutthe yard or I should say my weeds and moved all my over wintered plants from the porch to their new spots in the yard. As the season grows warmer I will move some things around until I find the perfect spot for them.

This bougainvillea is a surviver. Last summer when we moved in it was dead and looked as if it hadn't been watered in a year. I left it for dead and was planning to removed it. I am glad I didn't, sometime in October, it came back and bloomed through early January on my porch.

By summer this side of the porch will be covered in blooms. The hummers and the butterflies will just love it.

This plant was left behind when we moved in as well. I had just enough room on my porch and it was the last one I wanted to try and as you can tell it did not do to badly.


  1. Another bougainvillea survivor. My bougainvillea survived and I took it as dead also. Can't wait to see your porch covered in plants soon

  2. I love bougainvillea! Mine from last year didn't make it, I'm kinda new with growing these. Yours looks good!