Monday, April 14, 2008

What a productive weekend...

This weekend was one of the most fun weekends I have had in a while. This weekend I attended the Fort Worth Garden Forums Plant Swap! Even though I am new to gardening and I have a very limited amount of inventory that I can trade for, I still got a lot of the plants I was looking for! After the swap I followed a fellow gardener back to her place in Copper Canyon to get some donkey compost from her.

Going to the Swap was a bit out of the way for me. Its about 50 miles away one way. Add in the trip to CopperCanyon and heading home I probably put a 150 miles on the truck this past weekend. But it was well worth it. Met a lot of great people, got a lot of new plants and eat some good food.

As you can tell I have been busy! About 3 hours before I took a picture, my yard was a lot worse. At about 2PM on a windy, cool Sunday afternoon I started my plantings.

I took a small section of yard where it was nothing but weeds and other yard trash and cleaned it up and dug out about 8 inches of top soil and mixed in a mix of EarthGro Topsoil, Donkey Poo, humus and landscapers mix to build a raised border less bed. I did my best to to keep the new organic soil off the the rotting fence. Eventually I will create some sort of border for this bed, I just have to find some recycled bricks or yard borders in order to complete this bed. I topped off the bed with a thick layer of hardwood mulch from the city recycling center. Before adding the Mulch I planted 5 large cannas that will reach about 10 feet tall and 2 rows of smaller red cannas. Now I have no Idea what these guys will look like. If it looks funny or does not go will I will move them next year. Once I see what they look like I will research and figure out more about these guys. Once the plants come, I will complete the layer of mulch and take a bag of decortive mulch and cover the decomposing stuff up if needed.

The bed is another small bed of canns. Now the cannas are a little close to my weeping crepe myrtle but I will deal with that when the time comes. I just do not have the room for both. I l figure I will be digging up some extra cannas when they get to large!

In this part of the bed I planted a Turk's Cap and several different types of red and orange daylilies
All the small 4 inch pots are new seedlings, I traded for. There are some Turk's Cap, Flame Acanthus, and several types of Salvia, that I can not wait to pot up!

In this group I received a Red Bud Seedling, Mock Orange, Purple Lantana, Salvia Greggii, and Salvia Guarenitica.
I also received 2 coral honeysuckles. I plan to let 1 run up the unused chain length gate for privacy and the other I am going to put it near my Cape Honeysuckle and let it climb and drap over a fence or a trellis.

And of course I planted a small amount of wood ferns. I plan to let this take of over this empty mud hole under my big tree. I will sprinkle some shade flower seeds and other types of seed that can handle more sun as it gets to the end of the shade areas. I will also let the vinca and ivy take over but keep both vines thin and trim.

I also received Blackeyed Susans and Giant Coneflower both are not ready for the camera.

Over the next few weeks I will be potting up the rest of my plants in the seed starting closest, prepping the last two beds and planting them. I have a very limited time, money and days left before it gets to hot work out here. I will post more updates as I work on the garden...

Thanks for reading...


  1. You have been busy -- everything looks grand! I love the red tulips in your header, by the way.

  2. Wow! You got some great deals!
    Looks good!