Monday, April 7, 2008

Starting a Blog Roll

Well I have had over 250 views since I started this blog! Go me!

Anyways if you read my blog and want me to link your garden related blog please post a comment. All I ask is you please add me to your site. Just post a comment that you want me to add you. Thanks guys!



  1. Feel free to add me. I already have you on mine. Isn't it great to have people actually read your blog. I was so excited to have people add me to their blogrolls.

  2. Add me! I'll add you to mine! ( . . . just as long as you don't start sucking. :D So far, so good!) Your garden looks so nice! I'm feeling behind on things.

  3. Thanks vanillatus and wicked, both of you have been added to the blog roll!

  4. Add me! I've already added you.

    I love your pictures by the way! Your garden looks great!