Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Is In The Air! Part 2

Went to the garden again today and I am starting to really see the spring time flowering to start!

Snapdragons 2 different types in an over crowded bed!

Another bud almost ready to open on my Knockout Rose. I hope this one makes it!

Another Snapdragon. Dang Tree rats..umm I mean the squirrels ate my others in this pot!

Lantana finally re sprouting. I can not wait till they all are up and producing flowers!


  1. What gorgeous pictures ! I won't see my sweet peas for a very long time .. but I am looking forward to it even more after seeing your pretty pictures !
    Thanks !

  2. Thanks for the Comment! I just started 6 new knew-high sweet peas last night in my seed closest. If I can find the room in my garden I will be planting some of the larger ones.