Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Is In The Air!

Today I got off early enough to go in the yard and take some pictures of my plants that are starting to bloom and have a lot of new growth on them. I tested some macro settings and I think the pictures came out quite well!

Knockout Rose - Pink. Purchased last spring!
The Knockout Rose is one of my favorites. They come in pinks, reds, and yellow. I currently have a dark pink and a light pink. I am still looking for a red and yellow one to add to my collection. If anyone has one for trade, or knows where to get one. Please let me know.

Almost all of my are roses lined up on the walkway. Those empty looking pots have new Peonies that still have not put up new life. Not sure if they will make. If not they are going back to Home Depot.

Native Yellow Columbine
This little guy is doing a great and is a wonderful new addition to my plant collection. I love surprises. The columbine was a dieing plant that the previous owners left behind. I did not know what it was until about a month ago. I am glad I kept it. I now want some moreof these little guys.
Snapdragon - I forgot to log what kind it is.
I planted the snapdragons last August. They are survivors. I am going to try and baby these guys through the summer. I will post some more pictures when the whole bed is blooming.
Alpine Strawberry hanging patch.
Only three of the original ten of roots made it this year. I planted these guys in a 16 inch hanging basket. But for some reason they dead about 2 weeks after planting. I hope the runners will take root soon.


  1. Someone else also posted a photo of one of those gorgeous yellow columbines yesterday and I've been wanting one every since :) I'm glad you kept yours and that it perked up for you - it's absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Amy, the columbine is one of my new favs. I do not know if the columbine will do well up that far north. At least your summers are as bad ours down here. I am trying to figure out how to propagate them.