Monday, March 31, 2008

Took some cutting of my Clematis today

Today I decided to take some cuttings of my Clematis, I do no know what type it is. I took 2 nice and healthy links about 8 inches each. I then removed all the buds and new growth that was starting. I then soaked the freshly cut ends in a seaweed solution of 2 to 1 and left it there for about an hour. Once I completed my other choirs for the day, I grabbed the cuttings and got some seed and cutting mix from Miracle grow. I soaked the mix for about 15 minutes. I then cut each section into smaller ends. I dipped the lower end into a rooting hormone and planted them in a newspaper pot. I then set the pots under a grow light setup on my enclosed porch and watered them again. Hopefully in a few weeks, we should have 6 new plants. If this works, I will post a walk through on this.


  1. Hi, Just found you on Blotanical.

    We are North Tx neighbors.

    I make the newspaper pots also.


  2. Newspaper pots are great!! Seen you on Blotanical figured I'd say hi!