Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Its Snowing in Dallas!

As some people may knowduring the day yesterday we had mostly rain and mist. As the day went on the temperature slowly fell. By the time I got off work around 5:30 PM it was raining and the weather was very cold. The Radio said the temperature was falling very quickly. By the time I got to work, It was sleeting.

After several hours of class, several people came into the lab and said it was snowing! I did not think much of it. We generally do not get that much and if it does snow it only lasts a few minutes.

When I left class, I found that it was still snowing, not just a little but it was hard and my car had almost an inch covering the hood, windshield, and the roof. I drove home and there was not much as to accumulation.

About midnight I went out in the backyard and yard was white! All my plants were covered. My Oleander was flattened and my camellia that is about to bloom was covered in snow.

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