Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't you love surprises!

When we moved in to our place our garden was run down and brown. I went around and inventoried the yard to see what plants were dead and what could be salvaged. After several weeks I savde some of the flowers and plants in the yard.

But next to my Oleander there was a welted brown plant that was about to die. At first I thought I would pull it because I did not know what it was and wanted the brown out of the yard. At the last moment I decided to leave it and try and bring it back to life. If I did not save it, I would have time to figure out what to put there.

In a few weeks the plant started to get better. By late September the plant had doubled in size and I still did not have a clue what is but I thought I could wait till next summer to pull it if it did not do anything.

Just a few weeks ago I got my first yellow bloom! It turns out its a Native Yellow Columbine! Its a keeper.

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