Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Favorite Gardening Product

Since last fall I start using seaweed emulsion, and I love it. I use this product as a 2 to 1 solution for soaking bulbs, Cuttings, soaking roots, and a weekly misting on my house plants and weekly waterings for all my plants on a 1 to 1 ratio. So far the best organic product I have found is Maxicrop. The only place local I have found the product at a reasonable price is Lowe's. They carry the 1 quart and the 1 gallon concentrate.

I bought the 1 quart to test and use during the winter months. I have about 20 indoor plants and several more plants I am over wintering on my screened in plastic covered porch. I used the solution every other week when watering. I would mist the plants every week with a spray bottle.

All my plants that were summer bloomers that should have stopped flowering kept flowering and are still flowering even though I stopped adding seaweed to my weekly routine.

I just bought the 1 gallon bottle last week and I hope this will last me through the summer. In about a month I will try Maxicrop's fish emulsion productions for my roses and the rest of my garden.

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