Saturday, March 15, 2008

So Happy! My Camellia is Blooming!

I bought a camellia about two years ago. It was in a 1 gallon container and very small. I put it into a small pot and set it on my wife's (girlfriend at the time) porch. The first winter and spring nothing came up. I then re-potted last fall into a 16 inch pot with a lot of high quality potting soil and a seaweed drink almost every week.

I know most of people would say my pot size is to small, but we live in a rental house and do not wish to leave my plants behind when we move. But because I love Camellias so much I had to get several and pot them. Once we are settled I will build a proper bed for them where they will be happy.

About November, I noticed a bud that started to form. I got really excited but nothing ever came of it. Only about 2 weeks ago it opened for me. Now it has a ton of buds and more blooms are opening daily.

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